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      Welcome to Ta 波盈体育 !

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      Ta 波盈体育. was established in 1995. It is an high-tech enterprise specialized in manufacturing soluble dietary fiber. Its former orginzation is Mengzhou Practical Chemical Research Institute and was renamed as Ta 波盈体育. on 2013. More>>>

      Products Centent
      First polydextrose manufacturer in China

      A、We started manufacturing polydextrose since 1995.

      B、Mengzhou tailijie ltd. Co. was established in 2002.

      C、Renamed as “ ta 波盈体育” in 2013.

      D、Have our own research, manufacture, sale and application system

      Keep technology leading in polydextrose industry

      A、We develop our processing technology by coorperating with scientific research institutions and universities.

      B、Our business have reached to America, Japan, Netherland, Chile and many other countries and regions.

      C、Establishing strategic cooperative relationship with famous enterprises.

      D、Focusing on new market developmentwith a 40% sale increasing per year.

      We will strictly control and ensure that all indicators meet international standards

      A、Polydextrose national invention patent

      B、 scientific and Technological Achievements Award'

      C、High and new technic products in '

      D、China's health engineering promotion products in the new century

      Insisting on providing the best product with the best quality to win the market

      A、High stability

      B、Wide range of applications

      C、Mature R & D system support

      D、Providing OEM services


      Ta 波盈体育

      Ta 波盈体育. was established in 1995. It is an high-tech enterprise specialized in manufacturing soluble dietary fiber. Our Product polydextrose can be used in many foodstuffs such as drinks, medicine, wines and so on. Now we owns more than 30 sets of advanced equipment for testing and research. We are a high-tech enterprise with our own technic group to develop and optimize our product processing. We also have undertaken many research and drafted the national standard of polydextrose.


      • 波盈体育Halal Certificate
      • 波盈体育Occupation Health Safety Management System about
      • 波盈体育Global Standard for Food Safety
      • 波盈体育Occupation Health Safety Management System about
      • 波盈体育Environmental Management System about Polydextros
      • 波盈体育Environmental Management System about  C
      • 波盈体育Quality Management System
      • 波盈体育Food Safety Management System about  Cre
      • 波盈体育Grow &amp; Gain
      • 波盈体育Rice flour
      • 波盈体育Maca tablet candy
      • 波盈体育lactic acid bacteria beverage
      • 波盈体育Yogurt Drink
      • 波盈体育Fiber+Protein shake
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